Waterproofing and below-ground services for commercial buildings

Waterproofing Contractors in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

In Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, we need to take waterproofing seriously.

The team at United Roofing Inc. is dedicated to waterproofing for commercial building projects.

Our team of professionals is tasked with ensuring that every project we work on considers effective water protection for every commercial building.

This usually involves two distinct approaches:

  • Below-ground (below-grade) waterproofing services
  • Coating systems that protect above-ground structures from water

In providing these services we will work closely with general contractors, architects, engineers, inspectors and building owners to design, install, and maintain the right solution that fits your budget.

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Commercial Waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

What waterproofing services do we provide?

With our extreme weather conditions in Alberta, water can play havoc with the structural integrity of buildings unless they are adequately protected.

A combination of storms and extreme temperature variations means that if water can find a way into your building, it will.

United Roofing Inc. specializes in keeping the water out.

This means applying the right waterproofing technologies to the right parts of the building.

We will assess what’s required and then use everything from cold-applied materials to hot pour rubberized asphalt and polyethylene membranes to deliver a first-class waterproofing solution.

This includes the following commercial waterproofing services in both Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver:

Blind side wall waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

Blind side wall waterproofing

This is where a below-grade waterproofing membrane is attached to the soil-facing part of the construction.

It is applied before the concrete foundation is cast against it and is a suitable solution when the exterior faces of foundation walls will become inaccessible.

Parkade slab waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

Parkade slab waterproofing

For commercial properties with a multistory parking garage, it is essential to waterproof the parkade slab for structural integrity.

We can provide a range of waterproofing solutions specifically suited to this purpose and an installation team experienced in getting the job done.

Foundation wall waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

Foundation wall waterproofing

Problems with water leaking through the foundations are every building owner’s nightmare.

Protecting the outside of foundation walls with a waterproof membrane is often the best solution to prevent water infiltration. We will discuss your requirements with your team and ensure that the right protection is installed.

Tunnel waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

Tunnel waterproofing

Groundwater can create big problems in underground construction.

In order to prevent water damage and maintain the long-term structural integrity of the project, United Roofing Inc. provides sustainable solutions that include the use of waterproofing membranes, resins, foams, silicates, and pre-cast concrete.

Water tank waterproofing in Calgary and Edmonton

Water tank waterproofing

Groundwater can create big problems in underground construction.

In order to prevent water damage and maintain the long-term structural integrity of the project, United Roofing Inc. provides sustainable solutions that include the use of waterproofing membranes, resins, foams, silicates, and pre-cast concrete.

Pedestrian traffic coating in Calgary and Edmonton

Pedestrian traffic coating

Pedestrian traffic coating protects concrete surfaces that receive a high amount of pedestrian traffic.

These are susceptible to wear and tear as well as weathering from the sun and other elements. This can allow water to seep in and damage the surfaces. By protecting these areas with appropriate waterproof sealants, you extend the life of these zones.

Concrete restoration

Horizontal concrete structures can be cleaned, repaired, and overlaid with a new surface to extend their lives.

During this process, new waterproofing protection such as joint sealants, traffic bearing coatings, and concrete sealers can be added to prevent further problems with water damage.

Mechanical room coating

Mechanical rooms must be kept free of water to prevent slips, falls, and damage to machinery.

We can help prevent water seepage through cracks and joints with the use of specially textured and adhesive coatings that protect these areas from damage.

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Our Process

If you decide to hire our experienced team for your next commercial waterproofing project, you will be kept informed every step of the way:

  • Initial contact from a dedicated project manager

  • A meeting to help you arrange a scheduling of the work

  • Confirmation of the installation details in writing

  • A review of safety procedures to ensure that all risks are properly controlled

  • Strict quality control measures applied to all work

What can you expect from a commercial waterproofing project with United Roofing?

For each building envelope construction that we project manage, we pay special attention to scheduling needs, construction details, safety programs, and quality control.

This ensures that your project is safely completed and delivered on time, according to the precise specifications, and within budget.

In addition to an impressive track record of safe and successful commercial project delivery and industry-leading workmanship, you can expect:

  • A warranty of up to 20 years

  • Superior product and material warranties

  • Manufacturer-approved products


The materials and workmanship we provide are designed to last and thrive in the harsh Alberta climate.


Safety cones first – both for you and your people and the technicians who install, maintain or repair your roof.


You can rely on our roofing to stand the test of time. All our work is backed by generous long-term warranties.

Commercial Roofing

Building Envelope


Maintenance & Repair

Why Choose Us

With over 250 staff, United Roofing Inc. is large enough to handle large building projects but small enough not to have lost the personal touch.

There are many reasons why homes and businesses have chosen us for their roofing and building envelope projects down the years.

These are the main five reasons:

  • Safety record: our safety record is second to none and is recognized by our Workplace Safety COR designation. We put the safety needs of clients and employees above all else and, in the event of an accident, we are fully insured.

  • Quality of workmanship: our technicians are highly trained waterproofing experts experienced at installing, maintaining and repairing all kind of waterproofing systems.

  • Experience: we’ve been helping home and business owners in Alberta install, repair, and maintain their roofing since we started out in 2007.

  • Affordability: we’re good but we don’t price ourselves out of your league; we’re affordable for most Alberta businesses.

  • Customer service: it’s not just a buzz phrase for us. We mean it and always strive to provide superior levels of communication and service on the projects we manage.

What can you expect from us?

We’ll work closely with you to install and maintain the right roofing solution for your building and your budget.

You can expect:

  • High-quality work with long-term warranties

  • Attention to detail

  • First-class contractors committed to quality

  • Top-class materials from trusted manufacturers

  • Affordable solutions for all scope of building projects

Once we’re appointed, a dedicated project manager will help you arrange:

  • Scheduling

  • Installation details

  • Safety procedures

  • Quality control


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