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From commercial roofing and building envelope services to roofing makeovers.

Vancouver Roofing

Part of the joy of living and working in Vancouver is our climate. But while it’s milder than other parts of the country, we do get more than our fair share of rain as well as regular snowy blasts in winter.

This can be challenging for commercial and industrial properties when it comes to fitting the right roof.

Withstanding the elements is a basic requirement of any roof and many businesses in Vancouver have discovered to their cost that not all roofs are up to the job. That can be an expensive mistake.

At United Roofing, we provide professional roofing services across southwestern Canada. You can entrust commercial roofing projects of any scope to our experienced roofing team.

Commercial roofing contractors in Vancouver

Any commercial roofing project involves a sizeable investment that you want to protect.

Our skilled team of roofing contractors has been installing quality commercial roofs since 2007 in Alberta. We have now brought that experience to Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Our experienced roofing craftsmen are available to manage complex commercial projects of all scopes.

A building’s health depends on the work performed at the beginning with the foundations, as well as the quality of workmanship and materials used in the construction – and how well it is maintained.

If you build a high-quality roof from the start and look after it well, it will serve the building for many years ahead. This more than pays back the investment.

As well as roofing installations and repairs, the United Roofing team provides building envelope, below-ground and waterproofing services, and commercial cladding services. Our services help to prolong a building’s life and keep it strong.

With a safety record recognized by our Workplace Safety COR designation, United Roofing in Vancouver provides the professionalism you expect, the safety you need, and the quality you demand.


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Our Services

Our commercial roofing team can manage all types of project scopes in Vancouver – from large-scale industrial or commercial projects to smaller makeovers.

Our commitment to safety and quality, and our proven track record on past projects, means that commercial project managers can feel confident about placing their investment in our hands.

We will not only make sure that you have the most suitable roof for your needs. We will actively suggest ways to prolong the building’s life and increase its value.

Whether flat roofing or re-roofing, we will look after your project from start to finish and complete it on time and within budget.

With the storms and rains that we get here in Vancouver, it’s a safe bet that you will face the threat of water damage to your property at some point.

Whether you have been living with leaks for a while or face an emergency requiring immediate repair, it’s clear that even the best roofs don’t last forever in very wet climates.

What separates one property from another is how it maintains its roof and whether it arranges repairs to damage before it develops into a major issue.

Our commercial roofing team will repair your roof and get it back to pristine condition, even in an emergency.
We can also implement a regular, site-specific maintenance plan to prevent future roofing problems.

Our Vancouver team can provide complete building envelope services for all commercial roofing projects that we manage.

A building envelope helps a building maintain a comfortable, climate-controlled, safe environment for residents and employees all year round, protecting it and increasing its value and longevity.

Building envelopes generally consist of metal panels, fibre cement panels or pre-finished steel panels. The precise type that best suits your project will need careful assessment first from one of our professionals.

With warranties of up to 20 years, you can be sure that the investment in your building is well protected.

The attention paid to groundwork, construction, and maintenance of your building will pay dividends long into the future.

Vancouver is one of the wettest cities in the country and, as such, buildings need protection from all sides – not just the roof but below ground too.

Our waterproofing and below-ground services can help you protect your building from the start.

A dedicated team of waterproofing and below-ground professionals will use all of their experience to protect your building from moisture, chemicals, and other elements.

We provide the following for commercial buildings in Vancouver:

  • Blind side wall
  • Parkade slab
  • Foundation wall
  • Tunnelling
  • Water tank
  • Pedestrian and traffic coating
  • Concrete restoration
  • Mechanical room coating

Cladding is a great way to protect a commercial building, extending its life and protecting it from the elements. It can also add aesthetic appeal and increase its value.

We install safe, effective cladding solutions using only the finest cladding materials available.

The following cladding solutions are suitable for almost all types of commercial buildings in Vancouver:

  • Aluminum cladding
  • Steel cladding
  • Metal cladding


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Why Choose Us

United Roofing is established enough to handle large commercial building projects but small enough not to have lost the personal touch.

Commercial property managers in Vancouver choose us for their roofing, building envelope, and cladding requirements primarily because we tick each of the following boxes:

  • Safety record: Our safety record is second to none in the business. We are fully insured with commercial general liability insurance and safety always comes first – yours and ours.
  • Quality of workmanship: Our roofing professionals are highly trained and experienced. The workmanship is covered by a generous warranty in addition to lengthy product manufacturer’s guarantees.

  • Experience: Our team has been helping business owners install quality roofs, as well as repair and maintain them since we started out in 2007.

  • Cost-effectiveness : We not only help you keep installation costs down but we can suggest ways to keep ongoing energy bills down using the most effective roofing materials.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer service is not just a buzz phrase. We always strive to provide superior levels of communication and service on the projects we manage.

Our warranty

With all our commercial roofing projects, the materials we use come with product manufacturer guarantees.

We back this up with a generous workmanship warranty that ensures that if you do have a problem with any element of your roofing installation, one of our Vancouver roofing contractors will return to your site and repair the work as a matter of urgency.

What next?

Get in touch for a free consultation. Once we have met and discussed your requirements, you can expect a prompt and detailed estimate of the costs for your project.

Once appointed, a dedicated project manager will help you arrange:

  • Scheduling

  • Installation details

  • Safety procedures

  • Quality control

Our insight into the challenges that property owners face with the weather here means we will help you install and maintain the right roofing system for your building and your budget.

As the project develops, you can expect the following from us:

  • High-quality work with long-term warranties
  • Minimal disruption to customers, tenants and occupants (if applicable)
  • Attention to detail with your entire roof system, including ventilation, flashings, gutter systems, etc.
  • First-class contractors committed to quality and durability
  • Top-class materials from trusted manufacturers
  • Affordable solutions for all scopes of building projects


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