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Building Envelope in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Commercial and industrial buildings in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver face challenges from the climate that buildings in other parts of the country don’t face.

Building owners, contractors, and architects must take extra measures to protect their structures and their people, keep employees and residents comfortable, extend building life, and keep the structure looking at its best all year round.

United Roofing Inc. has been installing and maintaining building envelopes in Calgary since 2007, in Edmonton since 2014 and in Vancouver since 2021.

With our vast experience in protecting and beautifying buildings in the local area, no project is too large or too challenging.

Safety and professionalism are paramount in all the work we undertake and we consider it a great responsibility to help care for your building and your people.

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What is a building envelope?

A building envelope is a barrier between the exterior and interior environments that enclose a structure. It acts like a protective “shell” for the structure and will include:

  • The roof

  • The walls

  • The windows and glazing

  • The floors

Building envelopes generally consist of a series of panels that form a physical barrier between the exterior of the building and its interior.

Installing a high-performance building envelope helps you maintain a dry, safe, climate-controlled environment in your building all year round.

There may be acoustic, visual, air-quality, and fire-resistant benefits, as well as aiding in moisture and temperature control and optimizing energy use.

In fact, an effective building envelope adds support, control and aesthetics to almost any building project.

Our building envelope services

We provide several types of building envelope in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

  • Metal panel systems
  • Fibre cement panels
  • Pre-finished steel panel systems

A dedicated project manager will work closely with you as the building owner, general contractor or architect to design, install, and maintain the right solution that fits your budget and achieves the desired results.

Building Envelope Design Calgary and Edmonton

Envelope Design

Building envelope design requires specialized architectural and engineering expertise aligned with knowledge of building science and indoor climate control.

The envelope design will depend on your location, aesthetic preferences, and the environmental requirements within your building.

Building Envelope Installation Calgary and Edmonton

Building Envelope Installation

Building envelope installations in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver can be challenging because of the climate here.

Achieving adequate temperature control and ventilation are a must for employees or residents of the building.

Building Envelope Maintenance Calgary and Edmonton


Your building envelope will require maintenance from time to time to ensure that it looks its best and performs its valuable functions year-round.

Therefore, there should be a maintenance inspection of the building envelope at least annually.

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What can you expect from a building envelope project with us?

For each building envelope construction that we project manage, we pay special attention to scheduling needs, construction details, safety programs, and quality control.

This ensures that your project is safely completed on time, according to the precise specifications, and within budget.

In addition to an impressive track record of safe and successful commercial project delivery and industry-leading workmanship, you can expect:

  • A warranty of up to 20 years
  • Superior product and material warranties

  • Manufacturer-approved products


The materials and workmanship we provide are designed to last and thrive in the harsh Alberta climate.


Safety comes first – both for you and your people and the technicians who install, maintain or repair your roof.


You can rely on our roofing to stand the test of time. All our work is backed by generous long-term warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

The panels used in a building envelope installation are usually referred to as a “building envelope system”.

These usually consist of metal, fibre cement, glass, or stone.

Your choice of building envelope system is especially important when you consider that energy lost through the walls, roofs, and windows is the largest source of wasted energy in most buildings.

Metal wall panels are one of the most popular choices for building envelope systems. They can be made from a variety of metals, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Composite materials (usually two sheets of metal adhered to a core material)

Of these, aluminum is the most popular on account of its affordability, durability, and rust resistance.

A building envelope assessment can be performed to determine the condition and performance of the system.

The original architectural drawings, reports, and past maintenance are generally reviewed first. The occupants of the building may also be asked questions about their experiences of the building environment.

The building will also be checked physically using:

  • A general visual review of the key building envelope components
  • A moisture content survey
  • Exploratory openings in the panel system, if necessary

A report usually then summarizes observations of the current condition of the building envelope, as well as findings from interviews and test results.

It will generally also include recommendations for improving performance, if applicable.

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Why Choose Us

With over 250 staff, United Roofing Inc. is large enough to handle large building projects but small enough not to have lost the personal touch.

There are many reasons why homes and businesses have chosen us for their roofing and building envelope projects down the years.

These are the main five reasons:

  • Safety record: our safety record is second to none and is recognized by our Workplace Safety COR designation. We put the safety needs of clients and employees above all else and, in the event of an accident, we are fully insured.

  • Quality of workmanship: our technicians are highly trained waterproofing experts experienced at installing, maintaining and repairing all kind of waterproofing systems.

  • Experience: we’ve been helping home and business owners in Alberta install, repair, and maintain their roofing since we started out in 2007.

  • Affordability: we’re good but we don’t price ourselves out of your league; we’re affordable for most Alberta businesses.

  • Customer service: it’s not just a buzz phrase for us. We mean it and always strive to provide superior levels of communication and service on the projects we manage.

What can you expect from us?

We’ll work closely with you to install and maintain the right roofing solution for your building and your budget.

You can expect:

  • High-quality work with long-term warranties

  • Attention to detail

  • First-class contractors committed to quality

  • Top-class materials from trusted manufacturers

  • Affordable solutions for all scope of building projects

Once we’re appointed, a dedicated project manager will help you arrange:

  • Scheduling

  • Installation details

  • Safety procedures

  • Quality control


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