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Construction is not our profession. It’s our craft.

Why entrust your commercial project to anyone but the most established professionals with a proven track record of safety and quality?

Since 2007, our craftsmen have been putting building owners’ minds at rest, managing projects of all scopes and complexities in Calgary.

We take a long-term view of commercial building’s health – with building envelope, below-ground and waterproofing services to keep you protected for years ahead.

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“We do improve the quality of every job. We don’t cut any corners. and have the highest standards in the industry.”

Recognition of our work has grown over the years. In 2016, we joined a select group of roofing contractors in the Alberta Roofing Contractor Association; and our safety record is recognized by our Workplace Safety COR designation.

Our experienced team will manage your project with the professionalism you expect, the safety you need, and the quality you demand.

With over 250 staff, United Roofing Inc. is large enough to handle large building projects but small enough not to have lost the personal touch.

There are many reasons why businesses have chosen us for their roofing and building envelope projects over the years.

These are the main five reasons:

  • Safety record: our safety record is second to none and is recognized by our Workplace Safety COR designation. We put the safety needs of clients and employees above all else and, in the event of an accident, we are fully insured.

  • Quality of workmanship: our technicians are highly trained waterproofing experts experienced at installing, maintaining and repairing all kind of waterproofing systems.

  • Experience: we’ve been helping business owners in Alberta install, repair, and maintain their roofing since we started out in 2007.

  • Affordability: we’re good but we don’t price ourselves out of your league; we’re affordable for most Alberta businesses.

  • Customer service: it’s not just a buzz phrase for us. We mean it and always strive to provide superior levels of communication and service on the projects we manage.

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What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material in Calgary and Edmonton

We provide roofing expertise for everything from large-scale commercial projects to makeovers in Calgary and across Alberta.

You can expect an eye for detail, a commitment to safety, and a guarantee of quality in the workmanship we provide and the products we use.

Services include both flat roofing and reroofing for any size project.

Best Material for a Flat Roof

We provide safe, high-quality flat roof installations, replacements, and repairs for large-scale commercial projects, including:

  • Retail buildings
  • Large or small industrial buildings
  • Offices and office towers
  • Condominiums and apartment buildings

Repair a damaged roof or prepare it for Calgary’s worst weather with regular maintenance that keeps you protected. We will come out to you for emergency repairs when you most need our expertise.

We can also arrange site-specific annual maintenance and inspection programs that ensure your roof stands up to the elements.

Each roof is unique so we make sure that the repair and maintenance services that keep your roof in tip-top condition are also unique.

We provide a complete building envelope service for all our roofing projects with warranties up to 20 years.

Building envelopes help you maintain a dry, safe, climate-controlled environment that keeps your building looking and feeling in top condition all year round, even in the harsh climate here in Alberta.

They provide support for the building and control against the elements, and can consist of: metal panel systems, fibre cement panels and pre-finished steel panel systems.

Waterproofing and below-ground services should be taken seriously if you want to look after your building.

A dedicated team at United Roofing Inc. provides the services that protect your building from moisture, chemicals, and damage from other elements, including: blind sidewall, parkade slab, foundation wall, tunnelling, water tank, pedestrian and traffic coating, concrete restoration and mechanical room coating

Roofs We Install

Flat Roof

Flat roofing is the most popular type of roof for business premises in Alberta because they are practical and economical.

Despite their name, they are usually constructed with a very slight slope to allow for some water runoff (between 1/4 to 1/2 inch per foot).

Flat roofs generally require more maintenance than sloped roofs due to snow, ice, water, and debris collecting on them.

Low-Slope Roofs

Low-slope roofs are constructed with a slope between 2″ in 12″ and 4″ in 12″. This is a gentle slope that allows the roof to drain water easier than with a flat roof and is usually constructed with a membrane to seal the roofing material.

Low-slope roofs are relatively common on commercial buildings in Calgary and Edmonton.

Steep-Slope Roofs

Steep-slope roofs are constructed with a slope of 3:12 or greater. So, for every 12 horizontal inches, the roof rises three vertical inches or more.

These roofs are low maintenance due to rapid water runoff and few problems with debris collecting. However, they are less common with commercial properties than with residential homes.

Standing Seam Roofs

Standing seam roofs are constructed from metal panels. The “standing seams” are the connections between the panels, which run vertically and are formed by folding and crimping the edges.

These roofs are particularly suitable for windy areas and have a good fire rating.


Alberta’s weather places high demands on your roof. It’s therefore important to choose the right material that can withstand the worst of the elements to keep you safe.

Typically, in Calgary and Edmonton, you will see these materials used commonly on commercial roofing:

Metal Roof

Metal Roof in Calgary and Edmonton

Metal is one of the most durable, weather-resistant, and fire-resistant materials for commercial roofs.

It is also quite versatile because of its strength and lightweight. Metal roofs can be constructed in a range of designs, including flat, low-slope or architectural standing seam designs.

Built-up roofing (BUR)

Built-up Roof in Calgary and Edmonton

BUR is a layered approach to roofing and is a traditional system used on flat roofs: there is a bottom layer or two of the insulation board with tar or asphalt layers alternating with roofing felt, and a layer of gravel on the top.

These types of roofs are tough and highly weather resistant.

Green roofing

Green Roofing Calgary and Edmonton

We can even help you create a vegetated rooftop for your business.

This demonstrates to the world that you are doing your bit to increase green space and protect the environment.

Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified bitumen roof Calgary and Edmonton

Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based material (with a mineral top coating) that has been a solid roofing option for businesses in Calgary and Edmonton for decades.

The technology has advanced and improved the material. It is lighter than BUR and is less troublesome to install.

Membrane Roofing

Membrane Roofing Calgary and Edmonton

Many commercial roofing projects use a single or double-layer membrane that helps to protect properties from the harsh climate and from fire, and also extends the life of the roof.

Membranes can either be fixed with glue or loose laid and topped with rock or pavers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Retail buildings
  • Large or small industrial buildings
  • Offices and office towers
  • Condominiums and apartment buildings

The materials used to create commercial roofing systems in Alberta are extremely varied and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

With our severe climate in Calgary and Edmonton, any commercial or industrial roof built out this way needs to keep the extremes of temperature, hail, snow, ice, and storms in mind.

Whatever type of commercial roof you’re looking for, there are many more factors to take into account than the type of material you use. Learn more here.

The generally accepted lifespan of a commercial roof is anywhere from 10 to 75 years. That’s a huge difference that will impact your return on investment significantly. As we’ve seen, your choice of materials for a commercial flat roof is one of several major contributing factors to its lifespan. Here’s a material comparison chart on the most common flat roofing materials used in Alberta.

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