Building Envelope

Building envelopes for Calgary & Edmonton

Building envelopes for Calgary & Edmonton

Air, water, heat, and light are all key factors in building design. We all know about our harsh climate and how it creates challenges that buildings in other parts of the world simply don’t face. Building envelopes can help you maintain a dry, safe, climate-controlled environment that keeps your building looking and feeling in top condition all year round.

Building envelope panel systems

Building envelopes solve three essential challenges for builders: Support, Control, and Aesthetics.

Our metal panel systems, fibre cement panels, and pre-finished steel panel systems bring each of these qualities to your building project. We’ll work closely with you, the general contractor, the architect and building owner to design, install, and maintain the right solution to fit your budget.

A dedicated project manager will help you arrange scheduling, construction details, safety programs and quality control.

The marks of quality you can expect

  • Industry-leading workmanship warranties of up to 20 years
  • Superior product and material warranties
  • Manufacturer-approved
  • Diligent safety and quality control throughout the project

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